Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy your books?

Besides through my site, they are also available online at: Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Amazon. If you are local, they can be bought at: Kings Books 218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402 (253) 272-8801 Also, if your local, buy a copy, and drop me a message and I will try and meet up with you to personally sign it!

Are your books a series?

Not as such. They all share a common theme of fantasy/fantastic though. The closest I come to a series would be Soul of Evil and Tales of Bedlam; which are related. As far as timeline goes, Tales of Bedlam should be read first. Other than that though, read in any order you wish!

Are you ever going to write a sequel to...?

Probably. I have more than enough material to write sequels to both Restart and Soul of Evil. If you're just dying to know what happens next in either... drop me an email, let me know.

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